Friday, June 1, 2012

What's on your mind ?

Those words upside (entry title) seems & sounds familiar. Oh yes, it's taken from status box on facebook of course you clever creatures. So, today i've not much to do or say. Boredness brings me here again. Bored? Why? So here's the situation; you can't online to facebook, twitter & others entertainment websites coz le office here cleverly block it. fish. what the fish. fish off. kan?

So back to my motive on this entry here. Here's a thing. I need to make a commercial/ads for awhile. Will be or not be post on my next entry. Depends on my existance. Whether I survive or die another day. kan? haha.

Back to our manwhore-talk then. This weeks been a 'busy-fat-fun-kid day' to me. Thanks to her. Muah !!! (This is words for flying kiss right?) Oh nevermind. So that's it. We become our own chef. Most of being a chef is her. I'm the kitchen helper a.k.a the eater a.k.a the finisher a.k.a whatever! haha.

Fish, now this entry gone too long & i still didn't achive what's need to be told. HAHA sorry. Here's a thing, you guys need to be prepare for what I need to say. it may look unimportant for some creatures. Me either. Haha. I just need to be 'a fucking attention-seeker' for awhile. If that's okay for you beautiful creatures? Or whatever.

So they asked me ; "What's on my mind today ?"

I'll answered ; Today, I woke up. Going to office. Bought delicia soft roll gardenia bun with nescafe drink in tin. Eat it. Drink it. Now, i'm blogging it & say boring stuff, boredness or whatever.

HAHA so that's it. Please leave me alone if you hate this entry. Annoyed? Go fuck yourself a.k.a mind your own shit. Be nice to me or mean to others who hate you. Kill 'em then go to jail. Haha. Now i need to filled my boredness listening to sum 41 new album 'Screaming Bloody Murder' ! Download it yesterday. Want to have a copy of it? Let me know. That's all creatures. See you again in the afterlife! *harsh joke* FULLSTOP !

le harsh advice for le haters

so this is le ugly creature under its mask trying to be cool. NO!

le real freak creature bored-shy-looks at its best! retarded perhaps.


.:pUbLiC_eNeMy:. said...

we will do the cooking again next timeeeee..gonna find some easy yummy recipesss :D