Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a little thankful from me is enough but the world is not enough!

hello poret creatures,

i have bad news today. it's not that important. a little bit annoy but i have to spread it out.
i just read one blog that i've follow since i-don't-remember-when & this blogger mention my blog & my name. thanks for that. what's the bad news about it? no. nothing. i'm just being funny but that's kinda stupid. haha

so the "who-it-may-concern" blog/blogger here is 'baruk kak nyesah'!
hahaha - - sorry mention-ing your blog here & don't try to sue me! it's a revenge! *joking*
i know u read this. just wanna say, your blog are originally funny. less or more like 'kak lehot'.
and more, you are a true poret-ers! HAHAHA *not joking*

so, here's a thing. i'm sarawakian (if some of you unnotice) & it's kind of interesting (or not) to read some of your entries on your blog. (i'm not promoting anybody ok!)

so to the 'baruk kak nyesah blog' owner, i would like to shout out:
"aku bukan malas nak poret. tapi masa & keadaan menghalang bah! hahaha"

lastly, i would like to say thanks for remind me to update blog daily!

**let's learn sarawak's languages:
*poret = bitchtalk/ gossiping/ talking about something (or else)
*baruk kak nyesah = baru selepas membasuh baju (atau ada maksud tersembunyi) (terpulang kepada pemilik blog mentafsirnya sendiri)

the evidence! sue me? i'll sue u back! hahaha joking!